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Smart Water User and Saver Home - H2OUSE

Ultimate guide on saving and using water in your home and around it.

H2OUSE.net is an online reference point on residential use of water and saving it. We provide useful tips on how you can reduce your bill while helping the environment.

We cover everything from water conservation tips to choosing the right appliances. Choose smart, use smart, save more!

Where is water being used in your home?


Bathroom is the main user of water in our homes. Toilet, combined with shower or bath, results in staggering 65% of total amount used. If you want to start conserving water, this is where you should start. From using a WaterSense-approved toilet to upgrading a shower head, these are minor things that can help you save big.


Next on the list, laundry. Even with most advanced washer, water usage is very significant here. To save more, make sure to sort clothes by dark, light, color and only start the wash when you have a full load ready to go. Environment and your wallet will both thank you for that.


Surprisingly, kitchen only account for about 8% of total water usage in average US household. Still, it makes sense to re-think your habits since kitchen appliances is something we use multiple times a day, so why not conserve in the meanwhile?


This is where all your water conservation efforts should begin. Basement is often left behind the scenes, however, it’s where all water enters your home. It’s not only where most of the leaks happen, but also where the most important appliances are placed.


If used actively, water in your backyard can destroy your bill. Here’s where all of your saving efforts will have a huge impact not only on environment, but your wallet, too.

About H2OUSE

We like to think of ourselves as an ultimate go-to guide for all things about water at home. Whether it’s useful tips on how to conserve, or what water heater to choose.

Regardless of what question you might have, we’ve got you covered.