10 Best Gadgets to Help You Save Water

Have you followed every tip in the bucket on how to save water as much as possible? While you may have mastered the three-minute shower and save on washing dishes, there are plenty of other ways to save more water than you can imagine. In fact, from shower heads to bathwater diverters, many gadgets can help you reduce water usage.

Here are the ten best gadgets to help you save water.

1. ECO shower drop

The ECO shower drop device measures the amount of water your shower uses and lets you know when it is time to get out. If you don’t know how much water you’re using, the meter will let you know exactly how much.

2. Water Pebble

The water pebble is a small, disc that is placed near the plughole on your shower and measures the amount of water you use. It can also memorise your usage. During the start of your bath, it flashes a green light. The light will start to turn amber when you’re halfway through the acceptable amount of water then switches to red. While this may not make showers fun, it is an ingenious gadget that will help you save a lot of water during your next shower.

3. Tap Inserts

Similar to the ECO shower drop, the valve inserts measure the flow of water you use without the need to feeling rushed.

4. Bathwater diverter

The bathwater diverter is a fast and budget-friendly kit that is fitted to the outer waste pipe. The gadget is used to divert bath water to the water butt and connects straight to the house. The diverter will allow you to reuse the water on plants or grass.

5. Toto Washer Toilet

Starting from the production to distribution to utilisation, the Toto Washlet toilet conserves biodiversity promotes waste recycling and reduces carbon dioxide emissions and water usage. The washlet is also a cleaning contraption that provides a hot water nozzle with a heated seat, energy timer, auto flush and dual flush system.

6. Laundry POD

While this isn’t exactly a gadget, it is a smart buy as the laundry POD will help save money, space, and energy. It is an eco-friendly, portable washer that just requires water, detergent, and someone to turn like an ice cream maker. The POD uses 25% less detergent that a regular load of laundry and uses an eco-friendly detergent that allows you to drain in the grass.

If you plan on usage your normal detergent, you can also drain it in a sink or water basin. To top it off, line- dry the clothes for an energy-free laundry experience.

7. Sowden Softbrew Coffee Pots

Voted as one of the top ten best green gadgets for the Washington Post Reader, the Sowden Soft Brew coffee pots are a filterless alternative to single-serve coffee brews. This allows you to save a tonne of waste a year as the Sowden Soft Brew infusion method uses a stainless steel micro-etched filter that contains thousands of microscopic holes.

All you have to do is add the desired amount of coffee and pour hot water over. Allow the mixture to steep for about four minutes. The only waste is the coffee grounds which can then be reused as fertiliser.

8. Droplet sprinklers

Combined with the latest in technology in cloud computing and robotics, the Droplet Sprinkler allows you the control of watering your lawn without wasting water or energy. You can use as little as 10% of the water you usually use and save as much as $250 a year.

All you have to do is simply hook up the garden hose and configure the smart device. Visit the website and input the types of plants and where each is located.

The Droplet Sprinkler will know where, when and how much water is needed and will spread efficiently without thirty-foot range.

9. Caroma Profile Smart 305

The device is part sink, part toilet and works as a smart hybrid that is designed to reduce the water consumption. After you flush, the faucet will dispense fresh water as the soapy water will drain to the tank to be reused to flush. The toilet/sink is highly efficient and uses just 1.28 per use.

10. Niagara Conversation Tri-Max Aerator

Aerators are small and quiet devices that save water by mixing air into the stream of the faucet. It has three settings at 0.5 – 1 – 1.5 gallons a minute for washing, soaping, and rinsing.

Have you tried any of these water-saving devices? Are there any you plan on buying to help conserve water? Comment below and let us know!