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Best Shower Heads - H2OUSE
Last updated: October 23, 2019

Best Shower Heads

Complete guide on choosing the best shower head for you.
Moen S6320
Best Overall Shower Head
Moen S6320
Moen 26100 Engage Magnetix
Best Handheld Shower Head
WASSA High Pressure Shower Head
Best High-Pressure Shower Head
WASSA High Pressure Shower Head

We’re used to regular fixed shower heads with little no adjustment. Today, even in this kind of category it’s possible to get some amazing products that can transform your shower experience completely and reduce your water bill. Conserve some water and get a better shower with very reasonable investment.

In our guide have compiled best shower heads from each category and explained what you should be looking at when choosing one.

Want to learn more about different types of shower heads? See here.

Moen S6320

Overall Best Shower Head

Moen S6320

All-time classics and proven quality. If you want a fixed shower head that will serve for years – this is the choice for you.

S6320 performs well even with low-pressure lines. It’s also available in a version with EPA badge, which means reduced flow and better water savings.

Moen 26100 Engage Magnetix

Best Handheld Shower Head


Moen 26100 is the perfect option if you need maximum simplicity and a detachable head.

Magnetic docking system is the feature we like the most here. It’s extremely useful when you need to snap it back on with your eyes full of soap. Also. it can only be fixed in a position that ensures you won’t splash your entire bathroom.


Best High-Pressure Shower Head

WASSA High Pressure Shower Head

Even on lines with low water pressure (usually apartment buildings) this WASSA high pressure shower head performs great.

Yes, it’s a fixed shower head, but if you need a high-pressure shower head that will turn your low-pressure water line into a jet stream, there’s no better buy for the money.


Best Shower Head with Slide Bar


Sliding bars make handheld shower heads even more comfortable. They can be adjusted in all directions to ensure that your entire family will have optimal experience.

KES offers two options to install this set: a traditional one with drilling and screwing or the one with special glue.

The shower head itself has five settings, but the one we like the most is Drip function. When activated, a few drops of water will still flow, but when you deactivate Drip and switch back to normal, the water temperature will remain the same.

High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPM

Best Low-Flow Shower Head

High Sierra All Metal

High Sierra’s All Metal low flow shower heads are available in three versions, based on GPM output – 1.5, 1.8 and 2 GPM. For ultimate water savings we recommend the 1.5 GPM version. However, if you want bigger droplet size, you might want to consider a 1.8 GPM option.

The Trickle Valve allows to control flow strength or switch to mere trickles for even better water conservation.



Best Rain Shower Head


KES All-Metal rain shower head comes with everything you need to install, including things like teflon tape. It also features non-clogging nozzles for those of you with hard water.

However, our favourite feature is that if you want a stronger flow, the restrictor can be easily removed without damaging or braking anything inside the head itself and voiding the warranty. With this adjustment made, the flow can reach 9 GPM (compared to 2.5 GPM by default).


Moen 26009 Engage Magnetix

Best Dual (Combo) Shower Head

Moen 26009 Engage Magnetix

Despite all the benefits of detachable shower heads, many people still prefer all the benefits of fixed ones. For example, increased diameter. Yet, handheld shower heads provide a lot of flexibility and control.

Luckily, Moen 26009 provides benefits of both form-factors and adds magnetic attachment of the smaller one.

AquaHomeGroup Luxury

Best Shower Head With Filtering

AquaHomeGroup Luxury

If you don’t have a whole house water filter, but still want to reduce the amount of heavy metals and other contaminants in your shower water – this shower head with built-in filter is the right choice.

With 15-stage filtering that includes activated carbon (now worries, the water is black only for the first 30 seconds on first use – once carbon dust us washed – the water is perfectly clean) you will feel positive effect on your hair and skin in no time.

DreamSpa All Chrome

Best LED Shower Head


LED shower heads have become increasingly popular only within the last few years. They are especially useful for kids and people with special needs.

Unfortunately, all of them share same drawback – lack of durability. Even though this DreamSpa All Chrome shower head in one of the best-rated, it often goes defunct within the first several months. Luckily, the manufacturer offers hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Taking shower in colour may seem fun for the first couple of times, however, if you look for the hassle-free experience, we suggest looking at other head types and avoid LED altogether.

Waterpik KSH-306T

Best Shower Head for Kids

Waterpik KSH-306T

This cute shower head will fit perfectly in kids bathrooms. Flexible hose is extremely easy for kids to handle. Installation took couple of minutes.

The only thing, your line pressure should be normal. With low water pressure this shower head would not be optimal (we suggest considering models with sliding bars).

Waterpik LBT-563M

Best Massage Shower Head

Waterpik PowerPulse Massage

Massage shower heads are not simply high-pressure shower heads. These can provide enough massage power even with relatively low GPM number, like 2.5 GPM in this case.

What makes a regular high-pressure head the ‘massage one’ is special nozzle design and dedicated spray settings with pulse. 

Types of Shower Heads


These are the most common shower heads that American consumers are used to. Apart from regular budget models these can offer higher flow rate and additional functionality like pulse shower, etc. Usually, these are the most affordable and reliable heads on the market.


Handheld shower heads were more popular in Europe. However, they are becoming increasingly popular in America. Detachable shower heads with hoses make are easier to use for children, or for animals. They are also easier to wash the shower with. In many cases hoses are extendable.


Usually these shower heads are purchased in case there is low water pressure in your home. These models have either no flow restrictor at all, or it can be easily removed. This allows to squeeze maximum flow out of low-pressure water line.

With slide bar

Slide bar shower heads are basically regular detachable (handheld) shower heads that offer more flexibility in fixed position. Sliding bar gives additional 30 to 40 inches (depending on the model) of height adjustment, which is especially handy for kids showers. Luckily, most of these sliding bars can be installed on special glue with not drilling required.


These shower heads are optimal for water conservation purposes. Most often the water flow is reduced by using a special restrictor. Water savings can reach 40 percent. And not only water, but heating costs associated with shower use.


These shower heads come in all shapes and sizes. They are hanging over the head and have an increased head diameter. Some models have a smaller detachable shower head available in a single set. 

Dual (Combo)

Dual shower heads offer the advantages of both main types – fixed and detachable. How? – you may ask. Well, they include both shower heads. Some upper-grade manufacturers like Moen include a magnetic mount for easier attachment of handheld shower.

With built-in filtering and softening​

Not all of use are happy owners of whole-house water filtering systems. Still, using filtered water during your shower has many positive effects on your skin and hair.

Filtering cartridges often include various vitamins and filtering elements like carbon and are good to use for about 6 months. 


LED shower heads have and interesting feature – the light changes in colour depending on water temperature. Sound fun and interesting, however these models have one significant disadvantage – reliability. We believe a shower head should be as simple as possible, which is clearly not the case here.

For Kids

Any shower head can be used by kids. However, some kid-specific options have advantages like adjustable neck and sliding bars to fit different heights.


These make sense to use only if you have good line pressure. Otherwise they will perform just like any cheaper option out there. Massage effect is implemented by nozzle design and extra sprinkle modes like pulse shower.