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Ways To Conserve Water - H2OUSE


Today, water has become an extremely precious natural resource. Luckily, even minor adjustments to your daily habits can have a huge impact not only on your environment, but your wallet, too, even though some of them will need a small up-front investment. Below you can find our list of way to save water but it's only a beginning! We will constantly update, and you can challenge yourself to find more opportunities to conserve!


  1. While brushing your teeth, turn off the tap.
  2. When you shave, fill the bottom of the think with couple of inches of water to rinse the razor, so that you can avoid using tap water to rinse.
  3. Forget about bath, use shower instead, and save at least 50 gallons of water in a single use!
  4. If you still want to have a bath, keep the water level as low as possible. You can also re-use bathwater for lots of different purposes.
  5. Don’t wait for the water to warm up until you plug the bathtub, do that before turning the water on. You can adjust the temperature while it fills.
  6. Try to spend less time in the shower. Bring a water-proof speaker to the bathroom and limit yourself with music! Under 5 minutes is what we want to achieve, which is 1 or 1,5 songs. Plenty of time!
  7. Consider bringing a bucket in your shower while you wait for the water to warm-up. This water can be reused.
  8. Toilets produced before 1992 use more water, as WaterSense was introduced back then. If it’s your case, consider replacing a toilet.
  9. Consider buying a dual-flush or low-flow toilet. 
  10. Toilet leaks can be a major drain! Easy tip: you can check if you have a leak by putting dye or food colouring inside the tank. If it appears inside the bowl without flushing, the leak should be removed.
  11. Don’t use toilet as your garbage can. Every time you flush it to get rid of a Kleenex, you use gallons of water. Put a small bucket nearby that can collect all that trash.


  1. Start a washer only on full load
  2. Consider purchasing a modern high-efficiency washer with good Energy Star ranking, or check Consortium of Energy Efficiency to compare your shortlisted models side-by-side.
  3. If you wash by hand, adjust amount of water to amount of clothes you need to wash


  1. Prefer dishwasher over hand washing. It can help you save gallons of water on a single wash. Isn’t it great news?
  2. Have an older dishwasher? Consider purchasing a new one – it will not only do better job, but will save you money down the road!
  3. When deciding between specific the dishwasher models, prefer Energy Star-labeled ones.
  4. If you already own a newer dishwasher, you can stop rinsing dishes before putting them inside.
  5. If you still wish to wash your dishes by hand, try not to run a lot of water. Instead, fill one of the basins with warmer water and dirty dishes, and use another basin to rinse.

Garden & Outdoors

  1. Check for leaks in your outside faucets, hoses and fixtures at least once a year.
  2. Harvest rainwater – it can be reused to water your plants, and it’s even better that regular tap water, since your plants rather prefer it untreated. 
  3. Control the weeds – this way you can save water for the plants you actually need.
  4. As for the plants you love, don’t over-water them, there’s no benefit in doing so, and it can kill them.
  5. If you have a pool – buy a cover! Not only will it prevent leaves from falling down there, it will also reduce the amount of water evaporated.
  6. Keep your pool water cool, it will evaporate slowly.
  7. If you have kids, try to avoid toys that require constant use of water, like sprinklers. Compared to them a pool can actually help you save water.

General Tips

  1. Educate your kids about smart use of water. Without getting too extreme, some basic things like turning of tap when not being used directly, will help them get the notion of the whole idea and save you some money.
  2. Saving water can become a a fun game and a family activity. Let your imagination go wild here!
  3. Try involving your local schools and community in you water conservation efforts.
  4. To know where you can save more, calculate your own water footprint to find areas, possibly missed above!